Wedding Day Hire

How can you make sure your wedding day is perfect and stress-free? As people who have already experienced that special day will most likely tell you: it’s not really about what you can do to make it better; it’s how you manage and minimize the risk of anything bad happening.

That is why, by allowing Elite Central Travel to take care of all your and your guests’ wedding day transportation arrangements – arguably one of the more complicated components of these kinds of events – you are taking a step in the right direction.
Just say “yes” to Elite Central Travel and make sure everyone is delivered to, from and in between the wedding locations safely, on time and in comfort by the highly skilled professionals from our drivers team.

Choose from a variety of vehicle types like executive vans, Minibuses or luxurious limousines. The latter should suit the newly weds perfectly on their special day and will surely help them make a lasting impression on arrival!

You can obviously also choose to have our cars and drivers on standby, for an hourly rate, in case something unexpected happens or for the guests who for whatever reasons will need to leave the festivities earlier.

With the transportation being handled by our company, there will be less stress for you and your family who will be able to concentrate on making this an unforgettable day – for all the right reasons.