Private hire

Yes, Elite Central Travel is a great choice for TV crews. Yes, we have amazing corporate and chauffeur services available. And did our company help make its fair share of weddings unforgettable occasions? We sure did.

But there is something more to our company. Something far simpler. The multitude of small, individual, private hires which we take care of every day and which have allowed us to reach the level we are at currently after a decade of striving to further better the quality of our services.

The executive travel business is about people. That is why we approach each client, each job with the same care. Is it someone coming back home after a hard day’s work? A person in need of a lift in town or trying to reach an airport before their plane departs? Elite Central Travel has got you covered.
Our experienced drivers will make sure your journey is safe and comfortable. The simple and fast online booking will mean you have everything under control and our helpful customer service will help with all inquiries.

The client experience has always been and will continue to be the most important factor in evaluating our work. Choose Elite Central Travel to find the perfect transportation solution for all occasions.