Corporate and Chauffeur services
There are several reasons why Elite Central Travel’s individual and corporate chauffeur services are a great choice for you or your company.

No wait involved for your employees – our drivers are at the pickup spot well ahead of time. We trust transportation should not interfere with the day’s business plans, it should enable achieving more and doing so more easily. Book a chauffeur with an hourly rate to never again worry about changing your plans and finding another cab in a hurry.

No risk involved. Our chauffeur services are synonymous with discretion and security. Elite Central Travel does not only offer its clients the services of professionals with excellent driving skills, but at the same time, drivers with a wealth of experience in handling high profile and corporate clients.

More time, more money. Need to put the finishing touches on an important presentation or speech draft? You will be able to do so on-the-go while the chauffeur makes sure to deliver you safely and comfortably to your meeting.

A good first impression goes a long way. In business, appearances are not only important, but can be the difference between getting a deal done and losing it. Arrive at the meeting or pick up your business partners in style thanks to our fleet of modern vehicles.

Take advantage of our competitive prices and treat them as an investment in your company’s success.